There is a variety of information that can come through in an individual reading. This information will be provided in 2 ways - through psychic and mediumship techniques. One method of information may be more prominent than the other so come with no expectations.  Please have an understanding that I do not control whom may come in through their body of Spirit.  There may be significant connection with Spirit or minimal.  DO NOT come expecting or asking  for specific connections, nor come for that reason only.   If you desire a mediumship reading only,  please visit for a listing of mediums who may better provide this service to you.  I supply the vehicle but don’t do the driving.  Thanks for you understanding.

Please do not contact me and request an appointment for another person without providing that persons name and email address. I DO NOT make appointments through 2nd parties nor do I schedule "surprise" readings by someone for someone.

Weekend appointments  are paid in advance and are non-refundable if cancellation by email  is less than 48 hours prior to appointment.

I highly suggest you bring a recording device such as a  smart phone, tablet or other recording device if you have one.  You will never remember everything that is said (try as you may).

Credit card payments are accepted through only, and are pre paid,  should you choose this method of payment.  There is an additional 3.3% fee added on to use this option. 
 I am now offering readings via SKYPE.  (not available for group readings)  Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a reading from the convenience of your home or work place through your computer or phone.   Skype readings are pre paid via check or paypal.

 Standard Private In-Person Reading

60 minutes $95      
I will share with you life guiding information that is received and we will process it together. I offer the 2nd part of the session for you to ask specific questions.   Please come with specific questions written out as it is very normal to forget such things at the time of the reading. Limit for this type of  reading  is 1x per year.

Standard Couple Reading

1 hour Fee: $120   ($60 pp)         
Same format as private/in-person reading, however information will be shared between 2 people who come together (spouses, family, partners, friends).       Limit for this type of  reading  is 1x per year.

Standard Triple Play / 3 Person Reading

75  minutes $50  per person
Same format as private/in-person reading, however information will be shared between 3 people who come together (spouses, family, partners, friends).

Past Life

30 minutes $65           60 minutes  $95
This reading will bring forth information about previous lifetimes your Soul has experienced. There is always an underlying message in what is told to you as this information is guided by your higher self, I am the messenger only.  Tiime, location and purpose will be revealed.   You will not be placed under hypnosis for this. I receive this information through light trance.

Spirit Guide

30 minutes  $65
This reading offers a Divine introduction to Spirit Guide(s) who will provide name, purpose and identity to you

Kids Angelic Readings

30 minutes  $55
Treat that special child(ren) in your life with a reading introducing them to their Angelic guide(s) who will have messages of love and guidance. A significant elder is more than welcome to sit in on the reading to share in this experience.

Focus  Reading

30 minutes  $65      60 minutes  $95      Also available as an email reading, please inquire.
Straight and to the point, usually regarding a specific situation (s).  You come with a list of questions written out in order of priority.  I use  psychic means to address them.  No mediumship in this format.  Limit of 2x per year for this type of reading at my discretion.

One Hour Combo

60 minutes $95
This reading offers a 30 minute FOCUS reading (see above format) followed by a 30 minute past life reading.


To schedule a reading with Deb,  contact through email at

Gift Certificates Available.