Classes and Events

Unless otherwise noted, all classes and workshops will be held at:

Victorian House, 24 West Road, Suites 52, Ellington.

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SoulCollage® Card Making Event

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 2-5 pm

Make two personally meaningful cards at this SoulCollage® event - learn this easy and FUN process, including the magical experience of "hearing" your cards speak to you - from your own Inner Wisdom.

With SoulCollage®, you make one or more - or hundreds - of 5 X 8 cards that become your personal deck, mirroring all the parts of your Self - your personality traits, people you love or who are otherwise influential in your life, each of the chakra energy vortices as they express through you, as well as archetypes and non-physical guides. You may also create three "Transpersonal" cards, each an aspect of the Source of all.

You can turn to your cards for direction and insights throughout your day, or when facing life transitions, or in many surprising and delightful self-reflective ways!

Presented by Karen Korby & Company at Woodfaeries in Ellington, Connecticut

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Certified Reiki Practitioner Training

Instructor: Deb McElroy

Completion of each class will result in certification of that level. If you are unable to make a scheduled class, an alternate date or a private class may be arranged. Private classes are offered at no additional charge.  Pre-registration and $25 deposit required no later than 1 week before class date. Credit card accepted through with an additional 3.3% service fee. Master Teacher level payable in 2 installments. To register contact:

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Basic Psychic Development

Instructor: Deb McElroy

We all have psychic capabilities but to what degree and how can we develop what we have to the best of our abilities? Joining this highly interactive workshop will teach you a variety of methods and tools that will help you to receive psychic information and assist you in fine tuning it. A few areas of study include symbol interpretation, pendulum use, psychometry, simple meditations, spirit realms, psychic ethics, etc.  You’ll even have the opportunity to give and receive a mini reading! This workshop is open to the curious and the serious with no pre-requisites. It’s a valuable starter class. Pre payment of $110 required to secure you spot.  Please contact Deb at  to register.

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